Delhi Real Estate Services India is pleased to present a comprehensive guide to industrial real estate options in Delhi NCR. The National Capital Region (NCR) encompasses Delhi and its surrounding areas, including parts of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. Delhi NCR, with its strategic location and robust infrastructure, offers a plethora of industrial properties suitable for various businesses. Whether you are looking to buy or rent an industrial property, there are different property types and statuses to consider. Read on to explore the diverse industrial real estate options in Delhi NCR.

Property Types

Manufacturing Units:

Delhi NCR provides a range of manufacturing units suitable for businesses involved in production and manufacturing activities. These units offer spacious layouts and necessary amenities to support industrial operations. Whether you are in the textile, pharmaceutical, or automotive industry, you can find suitable manufacturing units that meet your specific requirements.

Warehouses and Distribution Centers:

The region offers well-equipped warehouses and distribution centers for businesses engaged in logistics and distribution activities. These properties provide ample storage space, loading docks, and other essential features to facilitate efficient warehousing and distribution operations. Whether you need short-term storage or long-term warehousing solutions, Delhi NCR has various options available.

Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones (SEZs):

Industrial parks and SEZs are designed to cater specifically to industrial and manufacturing businesses. These dedicated zones offer a cluster of industrial properties with specialized infrastructure, amenities, and supportive services. Delhi NCR boasts several well-established industrial parks and SEZs that provide a conducive environment for businesses in various sectors.

Property Status

For Sale:

Delhi NCR’s industrial real estate market offers numerous properties available for sale. Whether you are an investor or a business owner looking to acquire an industrial property, there are options to suit different budgets and requirements. From small-scale manufacturing units to large warehouses, the region provides a wide range of choices for those seeking to purchase an industrial property.

For Rent:

Renting an industrial property in Delhi NCR offers flexibility and convenience for businesses. Whether you need a manufacturing unit, warehouse, or distribution center, there are plenty of rental options available. Renting allows businesses to find suitable spaces without committing to long-term investments, making it an attractive choice for startups and businesses with evolving needs.

Advantages of Industrial Real Estate in Delhi NCR

Strategic Location:

Delhi NCR enjoys a strategic location with excellent connectivity to major highways, airports, and seaports. This facilitates smooth transportation and logistics operations, making it an ideal choice for businesses involved in manufacturing and distribution.

Robust Infrastructure:

The region boasts robust infrastructure with well-developed roads, power supply, and communication networks. Industrial properties in Delhi NCR are equipped with necessary infrastructure to support industrial operations, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Availability of Skilled Labor:

Delhi NCR has a large pool of skilled labor, making it advantageous for businesses that rely on a skilled workforce. The presence of educational institutions and training centers further enhances the availability of skilled professionals in various industrial sectors.

Supportive Business Environment:

The business ecosystem in Delhi NCR is conducive to industrial growth. The region offers a supportive environment with government initiatives, policies, and incentives that promote industrial development. This encourages businesses to establish and expand their industrial operations in the region.


Delhi NCR provides a wide range of industrial real estate options suitable for businesses in various sectors. Whether you are searching for manufacturing units, warehouses, or properties within industrial parks and SEZs, the region offers diverse choices to meet your industrial needs. Whether you prefer to buy or rent an industrial property, Delhi NCR’s real estate market provides ample opportunities for your business growth and success.