Delhi Real Estate Services India is delighted to present a comprehensive guide to agricultural real estate options in Delhi NCR. The National Capital Region (NCR) encompasses Delhi and its surrounding areas, including parts of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. Despite being predominantly urban, Delhi NCR offers agricultural properties for individuals and businesses engaged in farming and related activities. Whether you are looking to buy or rent agricultural land, there are various property types and statuses to consider. Read on to explore the diverse agricultural real estate options in Delhi NCR.

Property Types


Delhi NCR provides agricultural land suitable for farming activities. This land is typically used for cultivating crops, horticulture, or livestock farming. The agricultural land in the region varies in size and fertility, allowing individuals and businesses to choose land that aligns with their farming goals and requirements.

Orchards and Plantations:

For individuals interested in orchard farming or plantation crops, Delhi NCR offers land suitable for cultivating fruits, vegetables, and other plantation crops. These properties are ideal for those looking to establish orchards or engage in specialized farming practices.

Nurseries and Greenhouses:

The region also offers agricultural properties specifically designed for nurseries and greenhouse farming. These properties provide controlled environments for cultivating and nurturing plants, including flowers, ornamental plants, and exotic species. Nurseries and greenhouses in Delhi NCR cater to the growing demand for quality plants and flowers.

Property Status

For Sale:

Agricultural properties in Delhi NCR are available for sale, providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to own agricultural land. Whether you are an aspiring farmer or an experienced agriculturalist, there are options to suit different budgets and requirements. From small-scale farmland to larger agricultural estates, the region offers a range of choices for those seeking to purchase agricultural real estate.

For Rent:

Renting agricultural land in Delhi NCR offers flexibility and convenience for individuals and businesses. Whether you need land for short-term projects or seasonal farming activities, there are rental options available. Renting allows individuals to engage in farming without the long-term commitment of owning land, making it an attractive choice for those exploring agricultural ventures.

Advantages of Agricultural Real Estate in Delhi NCR

Proximity to Urban Markets:

One of the key advantages of agricultural real estate in Delhi NCR is its proximity to urban markets. Being close to major cities and urban centers provides easy access to a large consumer base, ensuring a readily available market for agricultural produce.

Supportive Agricultural Infrastructure:

Delhi NCR offers supportive agricultural infrastructure, including irrigation systems, storage facilities, and transportation networks. These infrastructure facilities enable efficient farming practices and ensure the smooth transportation and distribution of agricultural products.

Availability of Resources and Expertise:

The region benefits from the availability of resources and expertise in the agricultural sector. There are agricultural research institutions, extension services, and training centers that provide valuable knowledge and support to farmers. Additionally, the presence of agricultural inputs suppliers and machinery dealers facilitates access to essential resources and equipment.

Government Initiatives and Support:

The government of Delhi NCR and agricultural agencies provide various initiatives and support programs for farmers. These initiatives aim to improve agricultural practices, enhance productivity, and promote sustainable farming methods. Farmers can avail themselves of subsidies, loans, and technical assistance through these programs.


Delhi NCR, despite being primarily an urban area, offers agricultural real estate options for individuals and businesses interested in farming and related activities. Whether you are looking for farmland, orchards, nurseries, or greenhouses, the region provides diverse choices to suit your agricultural pursuits. Whether you prefer to buy or rent agricultural land, Delhi NCR’s real estate market offers opportunities to engage in farming and contribute to the region’s agricultural sector.